Servicing your vehicle at XOX

It's important to proactively service your car to prevent any unexpected breakdown. Regular services will also increase the value of your car. We can offer a variety of services at XOX to suit your needs.

Our highly trained mechanics will carry out the services to your car so that you can drive your car with an ease of mind. During the initial check up, when parts need to be replaced, we can offer original parts or other parts that match the quality of the originals at attractive prices

Free 24 point safety check for each vehicle

Each car that visits our shop will undergo a 24 point safety check. Our mechanics will follow a checklist of 24 points to check your car in order to make sure your car is safe, reliable and functions according the government and manufacturer guidelines. A safe vehicle on the road.
When our mechanics detect any issues or faulty parts during the 24 point safety check, they will immediately point this out to your attention. Depending on the nature of these findings, you can decide to follow our recommendations of parts replacement and repair or when the matter is pro active maintenance we can schedule a service in the near future.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

The only thing you need to bring along is the servicing logbook of your car. When we service your car, we can update your service logbook to include the current KM and what sort of servicing is done. We will stamp your service logbook and sign it accordingly.

At XOX you have a one stop shop for everything involving your car…

Our services include everything from quick services such as oil change, tire replacement, wheel balancing, alignment but also engine overhaul, transmission overhaul including body repair and paint jobs (wash over). For any quick service required to your car, you can relax in our lounge whilst our mechanics look after your vehicle. For the longer and more intensive servicing and repairs or paint jobs, we can arrange pick up and or delivery of your vehicle. This will avoid you interrupting your schedule. We look after our customers.

Air conditioning

With the warm climate, it is important to maintain the air conditioning system of your car fully serviceable. Not only does it benefit the comfort of your ride, a proper temperature controlled environment inside your vehicle adds to the safety of your ride. At XOX we have state of the art equipment to support a quick recharge of your car’s air conditioning system.

Brake Check & Brake Replacement

The performance of your brakes are equally important, if not more important, than the performance of your engine. Brake wear can drastically increase the braking distance of your vehicle. One of our 24 point safety check is the wear and performance of your brakes. We have a large stock of brake pads, brake discs and various brake fluids to service your car for optimum braking.


When you are looking to replace your battery, schedule an appointment beforehand so that we can make sure we have the right battery for your car in stock. When you provide us with your car details, we can assist you with the replacement of your battery.

Do quality oil products improve your engine performance?

The engine life of your car relies on the oil you use. Oil is important for the engine of your car as it lubricates the internal engine parts and dissipates the heat. It is therefore important to realise that the different product range of oils available on the market today, may be confusing so it is important to pick the right oil. Our team of mechanics will assist you during the oil servicing by choosing the right product depending on your car and on your budget.

Light bulbs

It is important that the light bulbs of your vehicle are functioning properly. On dark nights such as an overcast night without full moon, the visibility on the roads can be very poor. It is therefore important that your lights are functioning so you can see where you are going but likewise others can see you. Yearly many accidents happen due to poor rear lights. We can fix the light bulbs of your car with quality bulbs that we stock. We can even increase the performance of your lighting by installing upgraded bulbs for better vision..