XOX attending Manila International Auto Show 2018

By April 4, 2018 February 7th, 2021 Uncategorized

XOX Car Service Center is pleased to announce that they will be attending the 2018 Manila International Auto Show from April 5 till April 8. Carlo Castro will be displaying the Toyota Corolla model 2000 European version at the Nippon paint booth. Carlo Castro, who is in charge of marketing at XOX Car Service Center, has worked intensively hard with other members from XOX to realize this project when first agreed with Nippon. A lot of hours were spent in preparing the body, so that it would be ready for its first Nippon coating. Nippon paint, who have a strong relationship with XOX Car Service Center at Daang Hari road in Cavite, supply the paint materials for the state of the art paint booth that is installed at XOX. This allows XOX to deliver top quality paint jobs and wash overs as proudly displayed at the Nippon booth. When you visit the show, visit the Nippon Paint booth so that you can see with your own eyes what is possible. Have a good look at the prestige job that was done to the Toyota Corolla on display and make sure you look under the bonnet! Carlo will be there at the booth for most of the time and if you catch Carlo, make sure to ask him for the special XOX paint and wash over promo that is run by XOX Car Service Center from 16 April till 15 May 2018.

XOX Car Service center is located at 6A Daang Hari road in Cavite and presents itself as a one stop shop car service center that carries quality products and delivers a quality service at affordable prices