Car Repair Philippines

Car Repair Philippines: the best car repair services at XOX Car Service and get your car running smoothly

We feel that it is important for our customers to proactively get their cars serviced regularly as it will prevent any chances of unexpected breakdowns. Not only that, but regular servicing will also improve the value of the car in case they want to sell it or use its trade-in value when purchasing a new car. Here at XOX, we offer a variety of Car Repair services which perfectly suit your car’s needs.

XOX Car Service is a center for Car Repair Philippines where you get a lot of highly trained mechanics who carry out services for your car such that you can drive your vehicle with an ease of mind. Our mechanics will thoroughly check the condition of your car and during the initial checkup if the parts need to be replaced… they’ll be replaced and if the parts need minute adjustments… those adjustments will be made seamlessly such that you can get the best performance out of your car. Our mechanics always use the original parts because we never compromise on the quality. In case the original parts are not available, they will use the parts that match the quality of original parts at attractive prices.

Get a free 24 point safety check at XOXCar Service for each car

Any car regardless of the brand that visits our Car Repair center will be made to undergo a 24 point safety check. Our team of professional mechanics will be following a checklist of 24 points for checking your car for making sure that your car is safe, reliable, and the is functioning accordingly as per the manufacturer and government guideline. We look to make sure that you are riding a safe vehicle on the road.

If our mechanics do detect any sort of issue or faulty parts in your car during the mandatory 24 points safety check, it will immediately be put to your attention by them. Depending on the nature of the faults, you will get to decide if you want to follow our recommendations on parts replacement and repair. You will also get the option to schedule a service at a later date if you aren’t comfortable with getting the repair done at that moment. We will also provide a unique feature where you can schedule a pickup and drop off at a later date where our mechanics will come to the given address and pick up the car for servicing and drop it off when the servicing is complete. This service has been added such that car repairs and services do not intervene with your daily life.

At XOX Car Repair Philippines, you will get all sorts of repairs like –

  • General Maintenance

General Maintenance includes repairs like Oil Changes, Filter Replacements, Factory Scheduled Maintenance, Windshield Wiper Blades, Safety and Emissions Inspections, Trip Inspections, Fluid Services, and more.

  • Engine Services

Engine Services include repairs like Engine Replacement, Engine Repair, Belt and Hose Replacement, Engine Performance Check, Fuel System Maintenance, Fuel System Repair, Ignition System Repair and Maintenance, and more.

  • General Repair Services

General Repair Services include repairs like Air Conditioning Repair, Computer Diagnostics, Brake Repair, Shocks and Struts, Electrical System Diagnosis, Custom Exhaust, Exhaust Systems and Mufflers, and more.

  • Transmission Services

Transmission Services include repairs like Axle Replacement, New and Rebuilt Transmissions, Clutch Repair and Replacement, Differential Service and Repair, and more.